A community-led roller skate repair shop, in Northside Melbourne. We aim to service all sorts of skaters, regardless of skill, ability or price range.

Driven by local community spirit and a need for northside roller skate repairs, we trade and restore broken skates to save items going to landfill.

Partnering with local clubs & businesses, to spread the stoke and to make roller skating more accessible and sustainable.


Be Kind Roller Skates started when founder Roz Slade gathered a small passionate group of skaters to open a roller skate repair shop in a vacant shop front duing 2020. Aiming to be able to provide spare parts and repairs to members of the community.

We want to empower folks to learn about their equipment, how to maintain it, where to access specialty parts(or how to make them), to continue to skate safely for years to come.  

Who we work with

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