Meet Our Crew

Driven by local community spirit and a need for northside roller skate repairs.

Roz @bekind_rollerskates

With a start in Roller Derby, and a passion for all types of roller skating, Roz is a fun and fantastic person to skate with and be around. Their knowledge of craft and sewing allows them to patch up any damaged skate boot and create skate accessories like toe guards and pompoms!
Roz is the backbone and founder of our little community skate store.

“We have such a wonderful welcoming, inclusive and diverse Roller Skate community growing here in Melbourne. I’m here to empower folks to understand their gear, skate safely and save repairable items going into landfill.”

“I’d usually be teaching craft workshops, but now social distancing rules give us more time to roller skate, we needed a local skate repair space northside, so everyone can share resources like spare parts and knowledge.”

“While you’re on 8 wheels happiness is the only option!” “I dress up in clothes that make me feel good and skate around in my house, and I hope you do too!”

Loulou @louskategarage

Loulou, with many years of experience as a Roller Derby player, a special interest for vintage skates and a passion for rare oddities LouLou is our mastermind skate mechanic. 

He knows his way around any and all skate parts and can fix almost any skate he is presented with.

From mounting boots to removing stuck and broken bolts, Loulou and his impressive arsenal of tools make him the best person to come and see for all your skate needs.

Often you’ll spot him in the shop trying to solve his latest skate “problem”.

As the owner of “Lou’s Skate Garage” Roller Skate Services, Loulou brings years of technical experience and enthusiasm for any type of skate build or reconstruction you could imagine. 

Some of his more famous works include the Neon Green Crocs Skates and the stiletto skates!

Beaudi @im.a.they

Beaudi is a Be Kind sponsored skater. They are almost always on their Roller skates! You’ll find them at skate spots around Melbourne with a tool kit to repair your skates on the go, with second hand parts provided by Be Kind Roller Skates.

Current avatars stats:

Rollerskating – 1.5 years
Flow arts – 8.5years
Skateboarding – 11years
Parkour – 11years
Breakdancing – 20years
Dancing – 25years

“Rollerskating has been my most favourite passion yet out of all the above. I haven’t been so passionate about anything else in my life yet x

I skate freestyle, dance, jam, technical, slalom and sometimes park.
I’m also known for making up new Rollerskating tricks and new styles such as Sage, Freak, Lofi, 5 wheel and many more!
Beyond Rollerskating I am also a Filmmaker! Alot of the content from Be Kind Skates created by yours truly.”

Harlim / Limes / @limesshreds


Limes who seems like they have just been around forever now was always destined to roller skate, but it wasn’t until 2009 on a trip to America that they had a moment straight out of Whip it in which they saw a San Diego derby dolls flyer on the counter of head shop in Haight Ashbury, San Francisco.

They returned home to Aotearoa(Nz), bought a pair of $13 sketchers roller skates and taught themselves how to skate. It wasn’t long before fate would intervene and they were approached in the tomato sauce isle of their local supermarket and asked if they wanted to play roller derby, the answer was a very excited “YES!!”

Flash forward 14 years and they have skated for some of the best derby leagues the Southern Hemisphere has to offer, played in several local and international derby tournaments, attended the one and only Rollercon down under, and skated along side some of the highest level roller derby skate talent the world has had to offer.

Due to all of this and roller skating being a special interest they have gained an immense amount of roller skate knowledge, from hardware to history.

As someone who has been meet with a lot of adversity in their life and has been supported by their community through it all, their ultimate goal is to give back and share that experience by working with Be Kind Roller Skates to make skating as accessible as possible to all folks.

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