Be Kind – ToeGuards Leather Suede


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Hand crafted Covers for the front of your skate to protect it from damage like scuffs or ripping the boot when you fall or drag your foot.
Handmade in Melbourne from leather offcuts, eyelets, rivets, and elastic.
Avaliable in Black leather, or Black Suede, with your choice of metal rivets.

Loosen and remove your toe stops (both bolt-on or adjustable is fine).
Fit guards over the front of your skates, and replace the toe stop through the hole.
Remove laces from the boots, then thread each lace through the two eyelets on the guards, then re-lace each boot.
Loop the elastic underneath around/behind your front trucks, if this loop is too large, re-tie the knot in the elastic and cut short with scissors, so the end doesn’t catch on your wheels.

These are designed to be a little oversized, and can be easily trimmed down with some sharp scissors anywhere that is needed.
If you have any problems fitting these, shoot me a message with a photo and I’ll help out!

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